A Beautiful Wedding Day

With around 60% of 2020 weddings having been postponed, due to physical distancing regulations; it may be easy to feel discouraged this January. Don't.

History has been full of tumultuous occasions, and couples have always managed to find themselves getting married. 21st Century San Antonio, one of the most romantic cities in the United States, will not be stopped by this pandemic. That's our promise.

As a couple, you've made it through awkward firsts, arguments that nearly broke you, and intense discussions on what the future can possibly bring: You've made it to your big moment!

It's time to start thinking creatively, and hopefully. That's where we at Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast come in.

With ample gardens, a patio, living room, dining space, and roof top patio, as well as the bedrooms, Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast can be transformed into your own Victorian home away from home. Space for between 24 and 40 guests, can be used in any way, to make your special day relaxed, and beautiful.

We specialize in budget-friendly, and convenient packages, to make your day possible, no matter the struggle. Utilizing local vendors, we're able to cut down on the time it takes to pre-order; and through those relationships, we're able to stretch every dollar.

Contact us to schedule your tour!

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