Afternoon Tea

It was last minute, when I moved from California; It was as much a shock to me, as anyone else; and I wanted to get together my closest friends, for one last gettogether.

Tea. The English Rose Tea House was one of the coziest spots in town. With an outdoor patio and garden, and just as much floral inside, to compliment the outdoors. The tea selection was vast and varied, depending on the season.

The sandwiches were small, and flavorful, trimmed to perfection; and the scones melted on your tongue from the richness of the butter.

At Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, we have a hidden inner-city oasis of trees, gardens, stone paths, and pebbles. Allow us to host your next (or first) afternoon tea.

There's something about a flavorful warm beverage among the flowers. Of forcing yourself to stop and sip, and enjoy. The colors of the flowers show brighter, the sun feels warmer, and the breeze, cooler; and in those moments, conversation flows freer and more true.

And physical distancing is possible, with soul distancing.

Give us a call today, to view our gardens, and plan an afternoon tea. (And, yes, we do carry loose leaf.)

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