Another Kind of BNB

Rainy day? San Antonio is almost entirely composed of days that are warm to hot; but on rare occasion, and usually out of the blue, we do get rain.

So what to do, if you wake, and there's rain pitter-pattering, on your Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast window?

We recommend taking the morning slow, and enjoying breakfast tacos in bed, along with fresh coffee or tea. Your room comes with extra space-heaters; so feel free to crank them up, and enjoy the weather from your cozy space.

When you're ready to venture, take a drive up to The Rim, the Northern most edge of San Antonio: There you'll find a charming bowling alley, and a warm delicious meal: Bowl & Barrel.

Bowl & Barrel is complete with comfortable seats, rustic brick and wood décor, and an expansive collection of beer- on- tap. Though they don't advertise themselves as a romantic spot: Bowl & Barrel takes the pressure off your guy, and will be an experience you'll both remember. The food is a wonderful selection of comfort food you'll enjoy; and the beer selection will make him grateful he chose you.

Bowl a few rounds, enjoy your meal. And wander the shopping center. Just around the corner, you'll find the Santikos' Palladium Movie Theater. Unique to San Antonio, Santikos' prides it's self on the old-fashioned movie experience, excellent customer service, and a palace theater setting, complete with statues. It harkens back to a time, when moviiegoing was a luxury, and weave in throwback films, to enhance the experience.

They do have a bar and restaurant, within the theater; and when you've taken enough pictures, head back to your warm room, at Bonner Garden's Bed and Breakfast.

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