Bachelorette Destination

Whether you're coming from out of state, or just another part of Texas (and really, that could be as far as out-of-state), Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast is perfectly situated for your Bachelorette festivities.

And did I mention we're a Military City? Don't get into too much trouble. But yes, there are men.

Elsewhere Outdoor Bar is located along the San Antonio River, and Goodkind Gardens always hosts a number of activities each week, from movie nights, to trivia, and Open Mic. St. Mary's Strip is located just two miles from Bonner Gardens, and is home to lively and varied dive bars and music venues, many of which are still functioning due to readily available outdoor seating. The Dancehalls are always ready to welcome Bachelorette Parties, Cowboys Dancehall especially, is known for this.

There's also Piano Bars, Clubs open at reduced capacity, and the Riverwalk it's self, that make it a great destination for your Bachelorette weekend.

Bonner Gardens is a peaceful homebase, with a pool open in the Spring and Summer, breakfast tacos every morning, and a coffee and tea collection available 24/7. Use our living room and family room space for board games, and to relax, and enjoy many of the walking distance restaurants in our Historic District.

Message our event coordinator for details on how to make your Bachelorette Trip to San Antonio a dynamic one you and your bridesmaids will remember for years to come.

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