Community Outreach

The non-profit community has a special place in Bonner Gardens' heart. San Antonio is about community, and family, and the family that is community. We know there's been extra pressure on non-profits and non-profit workers this pandemic season.

Coming from Non-Profit Fundraising and Community Outreach myself, I know the contraints. Let me know exactly what you're looking to raise money for; and how much you have to spend; and we can come up with a plan to raise the funds.

In addition, at Bonner Gardens we offer comfortable space to really engage with your volunteer base, and communicate with your donor base. Non-profits in Texas have reported a 58% reduction in volunteers, and 51% increase in cancelation of advocacy events; though temporarily this may not seem harmful; overall it will decrease enthusiasm, and support of your organization, which will decrease funding, and the ability to offer services.

This can be bridged with small events. Can you identify where your organization can make volunteers more efficient? Can you categorize your volunteers for specialized training? How about your donors? Which of your donors are passionate about the issues your non-profit is facing RIGHT NOW? We can plan a community outreach event, volunteer training, and fundraising event, that targets each aspect of your non-profit, at Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast.

Whether you're utilizing our gardens, living room, patio, or rooftop space, we can physically distance, stretch every dollar you have, and make things happen.

Know that at Bonner Gardens, you have an Event Coordinator that understands that Non-Profit workers almost never sit down, and sometimes magic needs to happen to make Math work: And where Non-Profits are concerned, there's almost always magic.

Give us a call to schedule your tour, today!

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