Events Are Not Canceled

2020 brought the cancelation of major multi-national events. Most shockingly the 2020 Olympics, Burning Man, and San Antonio's Fiesta. But that doesn't mean the spirit of those things, is canceled; it also doesn't mean we can't have local, smart events.

This month at the Bonner Garden's Bed and Breakfast Blog, we're going to look at how to use our BNB as a comfortable place, to host small events.

Are you recently engaged and worried that your selected venue might be shutdown? Bed and Breakfasts are essential businesses! We are open, clean, and ready to host your special day.

Do you work for a non-profit, and had to cancel your large fundraising banquets? Why not host several smaller events, focused on different donors, at the Bonner Gardens?

Baby on the way? Bonner Gardens has a lovely living room, and garden, where a Baby Shower can be hosted. Why not stay the weekend, with your closest friends?

Has your church had to cancel events and conferences? Small scale retreats can create an opportunity for better connection and more time for questions to spiritual leaders.

How about a Sweet 16 weekend for your daughter and her closest friends, in one of our cozy rooms?

Life isn't canceled. Celebration isn't canceled. Take a brisk walk on the Riverwalk, don't forget your vitamins, and have a kombucha. We'll get through this. Creatively, with faith, hope, and love.

Message me for a tour!

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