Garden Retirement Party

Since 2020, there have been so many earlier-than-anticipated retirements: Whether you've decided there's just too much virus drama to deal with, or that it was just time to start something fresh; retirement is the beginning of something new, as well as the celebration of labor accomplished.

So why forego the Retirement Party? This is about celebrating the transition, letting go of stress, and reaffirming relationships, that may have fallen by the wayside, during the push of your career. It's letting former colleagues know you're still around if they need a word of advice, and stepping boldly into the next phase of your talents.

At Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, we can set up our Gardens to your liking, to accommodate YOUR ideal "social distancing" comfort. We generally have a breeze, and comfortable weather. Plenty of fresh air, and flowers.

Book a tour today, to see our gardens; and we can help you plan a budget friendly Retirement Party; so you can enjoy and relax.

We take care of set up, including tents and draping, tables, chairs, food, beverages, music, and anything else that comes to mind; so that you can enjoy your friends, family, and old colleagues.

A Retirement Party sets the stage to come, and keeps communication open.

It's not an end; it's a beginning.

Message us to hear more about our Retirement Party packages. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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