Happy Birthday!

Many of us grew up watching "The Secret Garden." In it, an orphan named Mary, finds her way through an ivy covered gate, with the help of a robin, and an old key. Through the garden she discovers the magic behind nature, and how it moves in our lives, if we allow it.

The shock of the pandemic has lead to disconnection, and fear; but gardens fill us with hope for the future, as we watch the steadiness of the cycle of life. What better way to celebrate a new age, than safely surrounded by friends, in a Victorian Garden.

At Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, we have our very own Secret Garden Gate; enter it; and follow the paths, rocks, and flowers, to our front patio. With open space for 24-40, our garden can host one of your special milestones.

Secluded enough for even a "Shirtless Cake Delivery Guy" to come by your best friend's 50th Birthday Extravaganza; we can creatively use the space, from live music, to a DJ, or simply a play list.

Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast provides linens, silverware, plates, cups, and anything else needed for your Birthday Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner; and much like our Wedding Packages, our Birthday Packages utilize local vendors, to be budget friendly, and convenient. Except that "Shirtless Cake Delivery Guy," you'll have to find him, on your own.

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