Monthly BookClub

Zoom is great: But what happens when everyone answers the question at once?


What happens when the person who is reading, suddenly has their microphone fade out, or the discussion facilitator, loses connection?

The momentum is gone.

Once in awhile, it may be nice to get together in-person, in a safe, comfortable way.

How? Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast was built during San Antonio's Gilded Age age, and has high ceilings, plenty of windows, and an open courtyard. Come visit us, and be surrounded by local artwork, unlimited coffee and pastries, and enough space, for physical distancing.

Our gardens, family room, sitting room, and dining room, are all available for daily rentals of up to 10 people each. Bonus: Set up your monthly BookClub Meetings, here, and connect to our Free WIFI, to still be able to Zoom with those members of your group, with vulnerabilities.

Schedule your tour today, and mention "BookClub."

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