Non-Profits Carrying A Burden

Prior to March of last year, we can all recall sitting in a large auditorium, a banquet set, light reflecting off wine glasses, and ahead, a projector with photos of lives changed through charitable work, running on a loop.

We sat in rooms of a dozen ten-person tables, and non-profit workers shared stories of impact, to donors. The DJ played a lively set, more pledges were made, and a plan was laid out for the next year.

Then a novel virus came to our shores.

In Texas, we've now seen 68.8% of non-profits cancel fundraising events, while seeing a 42% increase in demand for their services. The volunteer base has diminished, leaving more work, for less people, and less funding to accomplish it. This has left nearly 90% of Texas non-profits reevaluating their fundraising strategy.

At Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, we can currently host 24-50 person events. Our comfortable living room, dining room, and foyer create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, for discussion, creativity, and exchange.

Whether you're looking for a place to host a presentation, run a raffle, or host a game night, Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, can help meet your fundraising needs. We are an essential business, and are ready to help non-profit leaders reach their goals for San Antonio, and beyond.

Call us today, to schedule a tour and consultation.

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