Our Event Coordinator

Life is a celebration!

You may have read my work at O'Casey's Boutique Inn Blog, or here, on the Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast Blog, or maybe we've worked together in the non-profit fundraising world.

I'm not only the Blog Writer for our two Bed and Breakfasts, I'm also a hopeless romantic Event Coordinator, in love with all things San Antonio.

Coming from Non-Profit Events, I understand the importance of budget, and how to stretch every dollar. It's not about how much you spend, it's about how you spend it. There's so much hesitation surrounding celebrations lately; but here at Bonner Gardens, I will respect your budget constraints, and I will make your wishes come true.

Prior to Non-Profit, I spent 5 years working in a Vintage Boutique creating Customer Appreciation Parties, that highlighted different eras of fashion, and culture. Add a dash of 4 years in managing Candy Store magic, and putting together extravagant glass jar Candy Bars, I can put together an event with little touches of sparkle, and color, that will give you hope for the future.

Do you have a milestone birthday coming up? A baby on the way? A wedding? or in need of a girls night?

At Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, we can make it happen. We're essential. Life is essential.

Celebration, is essential.

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