Riverwalk Lights

There's something about slowly walking hand in hand, down the San Antonio Riverwalk. Sunrise, Midday, Sunset, Evening, each moment has a unique color in the sky, and a unique feel in the air, whether crisp or warm. At Bonner Garden Bed and Breakfast, you're close enough to hop over any time: And we recommend it, often.

As your shoes hit the walkway along the San Antonio River, you'll hear the music of each of the restaurants, including live Mariachis playing requests. The water flows slowly, peacefully, and ducks occasionally quack for chips. There are chocolate shops along the route, to hop into for fresh dipped chocolate covered strawberries, ice cream, fudges, or truffles.

Take a moment to enjoy the view of each weave of the Riverwalk; it was designed to feel as though you're in a neverending series of courtyards: Each cozy, with it's own perspective on the river, the buildings, and the history of San Antonio.

The most tranquil parts of the Riverwalk are the King William District, to the south, and the Museum Reach, to the North, heading towards the Pearl. The King William is one of the oldest parts of town, and we at Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, recommend booking a tour to learn about the Architecture and Personalities of the era.

The King William Paddling Trail will ultimately lead to the Blue Star Arts Complex, and kayaks for rent. The Museum Reach portion, to the north, winds past the Oldest VFW post in Texas, under a walkaway, by wooden swings, and the San Antonio Museum of Art; if you keep going, you'll hear the faint sounds of Frank Sinatra, and other crooners of the time. Tre Trattoria sits along the river, and has some of the most delicious deserts of any section of the Riverwalk.

Keep walking, and you'll end up at the Historic Pearl, and it's open grassy complex of small businesses and unique restaurants. We at Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, strongly believe in exploring and discovering San Antonio's hidden gems along the route. The lights of the Riverwalk, will be on until just after Valentine's Day weekend, so be sure to enjoy, before they're gone until next year!

A vacation is an important journey as a couple. Connect some place new; and let Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast be a home away from home for you two, along the way.

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