Romance at the Art Museum

The San Antonio Museum of Art towers over the road, like a fortress. It completely blocks the beautiful view of the San Antonio River, and perfectly hides the incredibly delicious Tre Trattoria Ristorante. From the outside, it's a plain, intimidating structure; but then, so is any new relationship.

After the nerves of the first meeting have faded, after the giddiness of getting to know one another, and a commitment has been made, what then? Like this building, it can be filled with many things; and it is up to you two, to fill it, and explore what's already there.

Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, is located just over a mile from the San Antonio Museum of Art. We recommend relaxing in your room with breakfast, hot coffee, windows open to the gardens; and when you're ready, head to museum.

As you walk inside hand in hand, grab a Map, and a Date Guide from the front desk, and begin exploring. It takes at least 4 days to get through the entire San Antonio Museum of Art; but if you only have one, ask your date which galleries that they'd most like to see, and time your afternoon accordingly.

Take the elevator up to the Sky Bridge, and check out the view of the city. Sunset is exceptionally beautiful from up there.

At some point, you'll get hungry, stroll to the back of the museum, to Tre Trattoria. A delicious, romantic Italian restaurant, right along the river.

We'll have your room ready at Bonner Gardens, warm and cozy, for when you return.

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