Romance in the Air

Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast offers a beautiful staycation retreat, during the ever romantic month of February. Most of February 2021is supposed to be Spring-ish in feel, a comfortable 60-70 degrees.

Cobblestones, winding paths, palm trees, and lush green gardens, will be waiting for you and your significant other, upon your arrival to our Inner City Oasis. Make a cup of coffee, and have a seat outside on the patio, the many birds of South Texas are frequent visitors, as are butterflies. The wind rustles the branches and provides background to the chirping birds.

Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast is located in the Monte Vista Historic District, placing you two near the center of town, a peaceful distance away. The slow movement of the San Antonio River and it's boats, are just two miles away, as is the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden, and it's waterfall.

The Pearl is also a close neighbor, with many restaurants to choose from including the very new, very romantic, very French Brasserie Mon Chou Chou.

Our pool is open, if it gets to be warm enough, and many of our rooms have balconies or large windows, open to the gardens. Most of the restaurants on the Riverwalk, provide a beautiful and love-inspiring mood, and if nature is more your thing, take a day to explore some of our Hill Country Wineries.

Follow our blog this February, to see just how to make your weekend Staycation in San Antonio, perfectly Valentine, no matter which weekend you choose to stay with us.

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