Team Night!

Did you think you'd ever miss company "Team Nights?"

We all know them: The cringe worthy ice breakers, the cheesy games, the almost forced personal conversation. Yet, somehow, during the time of this novel-virus, many of us find ourselves longing for those days. Remember when your boss did the "Blazing" Hot Wings Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings? Or your employees suggested a rousing game of 'nobody's intoxicated' musical chairs? At Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, we do.

Team Nights used to provide us with updates in the lives and goals of our employees and coworkers. We could see how satisfied (or overwhelmed) each individual on our team was. Zoom calls? Not so accurate.

What are our employees, and coworkers up to these days? Are their Zoom Smiles forced? Have they mastered working from home? How is everyone budgeting with less hours? Or how are they handling more? Does anyone else miss those ice breaker games?

At Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast you can rent out either the indoor space entirely for your company use, the rooftop space, or the gardens. Comfortably physical distance, in a sanitized, cozy space. Our Lush green gardens envelope our Victorian Home and create, a tropical escape from day to day life.

Though we don't recommend practicing the "trust fall," at the current moment; just being near like minded and purposeful individuals, can be just the trust fall your company needs, to give productivity and morale a boost.

Let us help you plan a menu, cautious games, with a smart layout of the space, so that your employees can relax in the familiarity of eachother's presence. Then back to Zoom, with a new lease on work life.

Schedule your tour today!

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