The Flowers Off Broadway

The San Antonio Botanical Gardens, is an often overlooked treasure of our city. Not only are there a variety of landscapes, a stage, conservatories, and play gardens; but there are also functional gardens, the lend themselves to themed culinary events, and outdoor films.

When you stay at Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast, you're within 4 miles of this beautiful space, and all the experiences, it offers.

The Conservatories, are the best place to begin: Partially indoor, partially outdoor, they showcase exotic plants from different environments: Tropical to Desert. As you walk hand-in-hand, be sure to watch out of the cactuses growing near the paths! You may also become acquainted with the Cocoa Bean hanging overhead(and it's huge).

The Rose Garden is smaller than in many cities; but it weaves around a fountain, and has hidden benches, perfect to steal a romantic moment, or two. Keep walking to discover "The Texas Native Trail", where you can walk through the Piney Woods of East Texas, the Plains of South Texas, and the lush green of Hill Country.

If you're here for an event, like Foodie Cinema: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (coming up on February 26th), now would be about the time to make your way to the outdoor open area, back by the Rose Garden. Foodie Cinema is a monthly offering, that includes a fresh meal inspired by the functional gardens of SABOT, prepared by Professional Chefs. The meal always fits the theme of the film, and includes a paired alcoholic beverage, as the movie begins at dusk.

Take a look at the map, and pick one more section of the garden to visit, before closing. Be sure to look up, and enjoy the San Antonio sky.

We'll have your room back at Bonner Gardens comfortable, and ready for your return.

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