Young Adult Ministry

With colleges switching to distance learning formats, there's been a massive return home of Young Adults. Is your church struggling to handle changes in your Young Adult Ministries?

One of the biggest challenges is transitioning from having a mix of out-of-state college students to focusing solely on local San Antonio Young Adults.

Rather than having fresh and motivated energy, to dive into new things, what we have now, is the overwhelming feeling of strange stagnation, from students wanting to go, but having to stay: This can easily break the spirit of the usually fearless, and optimistic Young Adults in your community.

So what do we do about it? A change of scenery by getting out of the suburbs, is a great start. And please don't immediately shout "but, money!" Yes, I know. But we've all heard the scripture about loaves and fishes, correct?

Bonner Gardens Bed and Breakfast offers 5 rooms that can be used for a Young Adults retreat. Being close to downtown, is a rejuvenating experience, as there are still many restaurants open for outdoor dining, FREE gardens to wander, and peaceful sites to sit.

Bonner Gardens includes breakfast, as well as pastries and beverages throughout the day, a spacious living room, dining room, patio, and garden, and let us know anyway we can help, to make our Bed and Breakfast a great starting point for physical distancing in a cozy environment.

Having experience in Young Adults Ministry, you have me at your beck and call, to make this event memorable and spiritually refreshing, for your Young Adults.

Message me to book a tour, today.

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